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At Dynamic Movement we see our mission as delivering the most beneficial, scientific customized diet and training programs to anyone who wants to achieve results.  At Dynamic Movement we are strongly passionate about helping and guiding you to your goals in the areas of weight loss, hard muscle gainers, sports performance and health.  At Dynamic movement we find your potential and you will never expect anything less.

Frank Schilling

CEO & Founder

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Make the leap today and get started on a journey that will change your life for the better. Even if you’re unsure about whether now is the right time, our team will give you a free goals consultation to find out how to best help you!
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Personal Training

We have 30 minute and 1 hour sessions available to accommodate your schedule.



Eat great and look even better with our custom fitness focused meal plans and Training Plans.


Online Coaching

We will deliver customized online training and/or nutrition plans designed specifically for you via e-mail.



Push the limits of your body to lift more and more with our power lifting program.



Push your endurance to the limits with our cardio and athletics focused programs.



Learn the mindset behind fitness success. Shift the way you think to get better results.


What People Say

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    I wanted to pack on the muscle, I had always been a little on the bigger side so Frank got me an amazing meal plan and put me on this weight lifting program. It was tough, but the results speak for themselves.

    • Tara Jackson
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    Dynamic Movement is amazing! I love my son so much but after he came I was not looking so great. They got me on a new program and it is just amazing how quickly it worked!

    • Kelly Barton
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    Frank is an absolute beast. Used to play sports and when I stopped the weight just piled on. Frank got me eating right and lifting, now I look better than ever.

    • Thomas Dayton